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Develop a true partnership with your horse by gaining a better understanding of how horses think and respond through horsemanship training videos with Brad Barkemeyer, Bud Lyon, Monique Potts, Ken McNabb, Al Dunning.

Ranch Riding

Ranch riding events were originally created to help showcase the versatility, attitude, and movement of a working ranch horse. Now it has become one of the largest events offered breed association horse shows, and we see many horses that compete in events like reining or working cow horse transition over to ranch riding. We work with ranch riding world champion riders Bud Lyon and Cody Crow who help you perfect your ranch riding horsemanship and improve your performance in the arena.

Barrel Racing

Champion barrel racers, Molly Powell, Shali Lord, and Amberley Snyder demonstrate the basics of barrel racing and share their favorite tips and tricks for putting up a faster time. They’ll go over everything from the tack and gear required to compete in barrel racing to showing you how to troubleshoot problems at home.


National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame riders Winston Hansma and R.L. Chartier demonstrate the fundamentals you need to have before ever putting your horse on a cow and explain the importance of including dry work into your daily riding routine. They’ll then show you how to work your horse on live cattle and go over the tack and gear you need to have to compete in this event.


Master reining maneuvers with help from professionals like Bud Lyon, Peter DeFreitas, Keith Ceddia, and Ryan Rushing. These videos are designed to help improve your horse’s circle, spins, and sliding stops, by demonstrating the fundamentals of reining, the tack and gear you’ll need to compete in reining, and help you troubleshoot any problems you run into at home.

Working Cow Horse

Improve your working cow horse training through better horsemanship with videos from Brad Barkemeyer, Cody Crow, and Al Dunning. Learn how to work the flag, introduce your horse to cattle, drills for fence work, and more.

Ranch Versatility

The ranch horse versatility is an event that allows you to showcase your horse’s ability to compete in several different events. In this video series, world champion trainer Cody Crow explains the differences between ranch riding, ranch trail, cutting, fence work, and conformation events, and how ranch horse versatility competitions work. He then shows you how to master ranch trail obstacles, prepare your horse for ranch riding events, and shows you some of the drills he does at home to keep his horse ready for cattle events.

All-Around Events

Tack and Gear

Whether you’ve just started riding Western or are adding to your Western tack collection, choosing the right equipment for you and your horse can be daunting. Learn from Bud Lyon, Brad Barkemeyer, Ryan Rushing, Peter DeFreitas, R.L. Chartier, Winston Hansma, Tim Christensen, Amberley Snyder, Al Dunning, and Ken McNabb on the best Western horse training tack and gear to keep safe while working with your horse.

Problem Solving

When your horse acts out, it can be a minor annoyance or downright dangerous. In our horse training problem-solving series, we’ve compiled a collection of videos from Bud Lyon, Brad Barkemeyer, Ryan Rushing, Monique Potts, Peter DeFreitas, and Al Dunning explaining the why behind unwanted behaviors and how to fix them.

Horse Care

Learn how to provide better horse health care by gaining a deeper understanding of equine dental care, equine first-aid, better-fitting gear, and more, through videos with experts like Bud Lyon, Brad Barkemeyer, Ryan Rushing, Peter DeFreitas, Amberley Snyder, Ken McNabb, and Al Dunning.

Colt Starting

Get a better understanding of the basics of colt starting and learn how you can safely teach your young horse the basics of Western riding with help from world champion trainers like Bud Lyon and Cody Crow.


Groundwork can help you master basic problems you run into while you’re on the ground. Natural horsemanship instructor Monique Potts goes over some of the common problems she sees horse owners run into and then shows you how to fix those mistakes and form a better connection with your horse.

Rider Fitness

Get fit for your ride with help from certified nutritionist and fitness expert Kelly Altschwager. Altschwager uses her Western riding background to develop workout programs specific for riders. In this video series, we show you different exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home to help you get stronger in the saddle.


Brad Barkemeyer shows you how to introduce a horse to roping events and then demonstrates several exercises you can do at home to improve your time in the pen.

Western Dressage

Western dressage fundamentals can be used on any horse to help them in any event. World champion rider Tim Christensen goes over the basics of Western dressage and covers everything from what tack and gear you need to compete to different exercises you can do at home to get ready for a competition.